The next generation of puzzle video gaming.

Fully tangible for home and on‑the‑go. Enjoy healthy gaming by twisting and shaking.

WowCube™ is designed to fit your life and bring joy to your kids and even to the whole family. WowCube™ comes in handy for cognitive development, enhancing hand/motor skills and hand-eye/fingers-eye coordination. Enjoy playing games together with fully-featured, portable, hands-on experience.

Embrace innovation

True-to-life screens from one edge to the other. With great capability comes great games

Breakthrough set of 24 screens, 8 robust processors and fully tangible, 360-degree battlegrounds with 0 buttons. show more Where distributed graphics processing units and innovative modules are connected by unique magnetic self-orienting connectors with non-fixed polarity to help you experience games like never before. The world’s most popular Puzzle Toy redefines a new era of gaming.


Bring versatility

One screen is only one part of the story. Just what you need. Right where you need it

Goes with your needs. Education, smart home, widgets or even assistants. WOWCube has everything you need in a modern workflow and leisure, bringing a new level of efficiency to every preference. show more Streamline the things you do often like using shortcuts. WOWCube can intelligently pair your daily routines with third-party apps to showcase convenient information right when you need it. In the next versions of WOWCube™ will be allowed to run apps with your voice and much more of contactless. From there anything is possible.


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