The Edison Awards ceremony that was postponed due to COVID-19 finally happened!
Ilya Osipov and his son Savva on the March issue cover
Cubios Inc., the creator of the WOWCube ® Entertainment System, announces the start of pre-orders in the second quarter of 2021
Be Aware of Scammers!
WOWCube ® entertainment system, NAMED AS CES 2021 INNOVATION AWARDS HONOREE
WOWCube® System has won the Muse Design Awards 2020 as a Platinum Winner!
The WOWCube® System may well have important applications in the rehabilitation science field
WOWCube®. The First Test Batch Factory Production.
WOWCube® became a finalist at The EdTech Award 2020!
The WOWCube™ Game System named a SILVER WINNER of the 2020 Edison Awards!
The WOWCube™ Game System at the IEEE event
WOWCube™ Game System won the People's Choice Award at Last Gadget Standing 2020
WOWCube™ Game System has been selected as the Last Gadget Standing 2020 Finalist
WOWCube™ Game System is again at CES
Forbes was "Wowed by WOWCube"
WOWCube™ got the "" Authentication Trustmark
"WOW"-your-plate Challenge! by WOWCUBE™
Meeting with Steve Wozniak at DesTechAZ 2019