Meeting with Steve Wozniak at DesTechAZ 2019

For people who are passionate about computers and programs,​ it is a great honor to take part in conferences with professionals that are known worldwide.

During DesTechAZ 2019 we have met and presented WOWCube™ to Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Inc. He was pleasantly surprised with our invention and wanted to know more about the concept of WOWCube™.

Steve twisted the screens and tried to understand in detail how all the parts of the ​ cube work together. It was unbelievable for our team that we are standing with Steve Wozniak and have an opportunity to show him all the benefits of the WOWCube™.

At the end of the personal meeting, Steve signed one of twenty-four cube screens with a white marker and saying – “It supposed to be the most incredible thing I have seen in all time”.

We also have met professionals from Steve Wozniak’s team, with his business partner Ken and with the head of WOZ university Karen Ewing Young, who offered us to discuss options for possible cooperation.

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