The Edison Awards ceremony that was postponed due to COVID-19 finally happened!

Our team flew to Florida last week to receive the Edison Awards 2020 in person.

The ceremony took place in a historic house, "Seminole Lodge," that belonged to Thomas Edison and that now is a museum.

This world-famous innovator inspired organizers to establish the Edison Awards™ in 1987. Since then, the awards have recognized and honored many of the most innovative products and business leaders globally and are among the most prestigious accolades honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, design, and innovation.

The Edison Awards are focused on the innovators as much as the innovations – a unique distinction in award programs. Award winners represent "game-changing" products and services, as well as excellence and leadership in innovation around four criteria: Concept, Value, Delivery, and Impact.

"The heritage that Thomas Alva Edison passed to humanity is incomprehensible. We're successors of the inventor who laid the foundation for our future in which devices like our WOWCube ® Entertainment System became possible. We're humbled and honored to be associated with this extraordinary person who held 1,093 U.S. patents and who pioneered multiple industries which transformed our world," — Said Ilya Osipov, the founder and President of Cubios Inc. and the inventor of the WOWCube ® Entertainment System.

The Cubios Inc. team became a silver winner in the “Learning Technologies” category at the Edison Awards in 2020.

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