The WOWCube™ Game System at the IEEE event

26 Feb 2020

It was a very interesting evening yesterday at the IEEE event.

Special thanks to the hostess of the event and the event organizer Olga Buchonina for such a great opportunity to discuss the WOWCube™ Game System with such an honored engineering community.

Ilya Osipov was telling the community about the WOWCube™ Game System. As the event and the community were mostly related to the engineering field, our presentation was focused on the technical part of the WOWCube™ Game System. The story of invention was covered as well.

Ilya's presentation had a great success. We spent another 30 minutes just answering the questions and then the audience rushed to our demo table to look at the WOWCube™ Game System and to try it.

Savva Os was the hero of the evening. He was demonstrating the WOWCube™ Game System and told the community the story of how it was invented.

Max Filin was a Star as always! He knew the answers to any questions and was demonstrating the WOWCube™ Game System to the audience, especially his favorite trick with the data transferring from cube to cube while the whole system is disassembled.

The core ideas from yesterday presentation:

📌 1. The WOWCube™ Game System is a stand-alone digital device that uses a tangible interface and mixed reality to create an exciting development environment with unusual characteristics in which puzzle-like dynamic games ca work.

📌 2. The inspiration came from the Magnetic Mechanical 2x2x2 puzzle invented by Larry D. Nichols 2 years before the Rubik's cube was invented, and Sifteo.

📌 3. It's for gaming and not only. It could be the element of the decore or the device for the office to demonstrate any widgets like the weather, stock market rates, photos, etc.

📌 4. It's good for learning as the learning process based on the decomposition and the WOWCube™ Game System offer the possibility to change the level of difficulties.

📌 5. Most of the studies we have found respond positively to the development of cognitive abilities of children or adults who constantly play 3D twisty puzzles. We have not conducted research on the impact of the WOWCube™ Game System on cognitive abilities, but there is reason to believe that this will work just like with twisty puzzles.

📌 6. TheWOWCube™ Game System is specially designed for players to hold it at an arm’s length which is better for the eyes. It’s the answer to the myopia issue.

📌 7. You play in 3 dimensions, and the entire surface of the cube is involved in the game, so you need to turn on your spatial reasoning.

📌 8. It's 21' st century now. Everything in our world wants to have a computer interface. Why should this not be the case with 3D twisty puzzle? Why wouldn't it get a computer interface that would give a new level of freedom and open up a million new opportunities for gaming like never before?


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