CubiOs Inc at TC Disrupt 2019

07 Oct 2019

CubiOs Inc took part in TC Disrupt 2019 which was held in San Francisco and had a huge success. CubiOs Inc CEO Ilya Osipov had raised $1,4 million of investments for the project during 2 years for R&D.

Ilya Osipov – “For me,​ it is not just a business project, it is a method to disrupt the concept of playing. I am sure that other people will follow us. In 3-5 years, every puzzle or board game will be interactive and use screens. We make an “iPhone” among Puzzles and “Rubik’s cubes”. Today they maybe do not take us seriously, but tomorrow it will be the de facto standard for intellectual and educational games.”

The lead investor in the sowing round was Marat Kichikov, Managing Partner of BitFury Capital.

Marat Kichikov - “Such ideas like WOWCube™ are must be seen! I am sure that in addition to exciting entertainment games on this platform, serious, educational and helpful apps for our kids will appear. It will help to stimulate not only the brain's activity but also motor skills, which are necessary for the full kids’ development. The idea of “Rubik’s cube” has exited and continues to excite generations, but nowadays, children growing up with an “iPad” in their hands require completely new approaches. When was the last time you bought a “puzzle” to your kid that could interest him for a long time? For me, it is not just a good venture investment in great product and a group of professionals, it is an idea that I want to give my kids!”

The received funds are intended to start manufacture and test various sales channels.