9 May 2019

The WOWCube™ team is delighted to announce that it will be participating in the MAKER FAIRE BAY AREA exhibition, which will be taking place at the San Mateo County Event Center on May 17-19, 2019.

The WOWCubes™ team’s participation in the MAKER FAIRE BAY AREA is an important step to introducing the product to potential customers, investors and anyone willing to explore innovations in IT, gaming and hardware.

The team welcomes all willing to drop by and have a touch and feel of the WOWCube™ for themselves, and experience the myriad opportunities the device has to offer.

The MAKER FAIRE BAY AREA is a prominent exhibition that allows anyone to check out hundreds of hands-on and interactive exhibits, explore 8 stages brimming with presentations, performances and how-tos across science, art, craft and engineering.

The WOWCube™ is a unique exhibit at the Faire alongside drones, lightsabers and nifty gadgets.