WOWCube™ At Venture Summit New York City

9 Jul 2019

The WOWCube™ team has attended the New York Venture Summit in Convene, New York City, on July 9th - 10th, 2019.

The team made full use of its attendance at the event and spent its time actively looking for investors and giving exciting pitches about the uniqueness of its product offering. The team has also taken part in multiple exhibitions, and as a result, many useful contacts were established and the team presented the product to a host of potential investors.

The New York Venture Summit in Convene is set to attract 1000+ top-tier VC Investors and leading startup founders. The event will feature high-energy cocktail reception and dedicated networking breaks throughout the event to allow all attendees to conduct networking and establish fruitful working relations.

Leading VCs and angels on 9 exciting relevant panels will give attendees a chance to get the most out of their conference experience and set themselves up for growth.