WOWCube™ Introduces New Packaging

12 May 2019

Cubios is delighted to present the new design of the packaging for the WOWCube™ Twisty Game Console.

The new stylish package is in line with modern design – unique, simple and pleasant. The texture of the box is sleek and its contours perfectly replicate those of the device within.

Since the sensory experience is the first impression buyers get, the box has been designed to stand out on shelves and attract glances with its pristine white and laconic black print. The sensory experience continues with a vivid rendition of the WOWCube™ displaying its many facets as a gaming gadget and a versatile device for various apps.

The artistic and visually appealing design is called upon to be clean, direct and simple in its elegance, while the inside of the box reflects the richness of the possibilities the WOWCube™ offers in its simplicity.

Cubios is certain that the new packaging will appeal to potential customers and add to the popularity of the WOWCube™.