WOWCube™ Team Attends The 9th SVIEF-STAR Startup Competition

26 Jul 2019

The WOWCube™ team has attended the 9th SVIEF-STAR Startup Competition in Santa Clara, California, on the 8th of August, 2019, and presented the product before a host of IT industry leaders and investors.

The WOWCube™ twisty game console development team presented the concept and marketing plan of the unique device at 9th SVIEF-STAR Startup Competition. The console was received with heightened attention from both investors and professionals attending the event. As a result of its effective presentation and concept fielding, the WOWCube™ was included in the Top-30 startup finalists list of the event.

The 9th SVIEF-STAR Startup Competition that took place on August 8th in Santa Clara is an informative and interactive event, which focused on the “Beyond the Next Revolution” theme and features 100+ high-profile speakers and 150+ tech exhibitors.