WOWCube™ Team Beefed Up By New Ambassador

21 Aug 2019

The WOWCube™ team is delighted to announce that Andrey Vasilenko has been appointed as ambassador of the WOWCube™ brand.

Andrey Vasilenko is an ultramarathon runner who has recently joined the WOWCube™ team as an ambassador and will be promoting​ the console around the world.

“Hi, my name is Andrey Vasilenko. I can be considered, perhaps, the coolest amateur ultramarathon runner on the planet...with a heart pacemaker. Running helps me open new horizons, refute the laws of human biology and medicine, and expand the boundaries of my capabilities. Speaking of borders...I am not alone anymore. The WOWCube™ will be traveling​ with me, and I will be its sports ambassador. Very soon, new, exciting ultramarathon running adventures will be undertaken as in the coming months, we will visit the end of the world on Chukotka, the Sahara Desert in Tunisia, and the Himalayas in India. Follow our success, as we will be trying really hard!” As stated by Andrey Vasilenko.