About SDK

The WowCube SDK includes a software emulator which allows developing software programs with no actual WowCube console available. Currently, the supported operating systems are Windows and MacOS.

The emulator is based on the following free open-source software:

Processing language is used for 3D visualization of the game console, game (picture) uploading and displaying, and conveying various events (turning of the puzzle elements, accelerometer actions) from the user to the logics written in the Pawn language.

Pawn language is used to write gaming logics, which reacts to events occurring in the actual WowCube console or in the emulator, and responding, in its turn, with a sequence of commands on visualizing the changes in the game environment.

Visual Studio Code IDE is used to edit the game code in the Pawn language and execute it in the software emulator. The code for the 3D viewer of the WowCube, which is written in the Processing language, can be also edited.


Getting Started

Install and configure the environment

Your first WOWCube project

Making Puzzle game for WOWCube

Realising game to the WOWCube Store