From idea to life

After three generations of prototypes, endless lines of code, and weeks of molding, the WOWCube® system team is proud to publicly present the WOWCube® console.

Early 2016

The concept of the puzzle was proposed by Savva Osipov in 2016 in city of Novato, CA

Spring 2017

The first prototype based on Arduino was developed by Ilya Osipov father of Savva Osipov, founder of company in 2017

Summer 2017

The Russian patent was obtained by Ilya and Savva Osipov in 2017

June 2017

An early prototype was presented on June 8, 2017 at a scientific conference CALL in UC Berkeley. The prototypes were created in collaboration with Ilya Osipov, the founder of the company, and Semyon Orlov, the first engineer of the company.

May 2018

In May 2018, the puzzle was presented to the general public at the Maker Faire exhibition in Santa Clara, California and Startup Competition SVOD’18 held in Computer History Museum.

March 2019

At the beginning of 2019, we"ve signed a crucial contract with our manufacturer partner in Shenzhen and started rigorous preparation of our production pipeline.

October 2019

We had a chance to show WOWCube™ Twisty Game System to Stеve Wozniak at DesTechAZ 2019. Steve was amazed and put his autograph on the one of 24 WOW-screens!

January 2020

WOWCube™ Game System won the People's Choice Award at Last Gadget Standing 2020
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April 2020

The WOWCube™ Game System named a SILVER WINNER of the 2020 Edison Awards!
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July 2020

The first batch produced on the factory for the final product testing and for the game developing.
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April 2021

The Cubios Inc. team became a silver winner in the “Learning Technologies” category at the Edison Awards in 2020.
Ilya Osipov and Max Filin at Edison Awards Ceremony 2021.
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